Yoga takes off

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Introducing Flying Yoga Classes. The hottest trend in the world of yoga has taken off at Six Senses Spa Ninh Van Bay and Six Senses Spa Nha Trang. Aerial, or Flying Yoga brings together stretching, breathing and meditation with gymnastics and aerial arts.

Aerial yoga uses a hammock, made of a soft and supple parachute-silk fabric, which is suspended from the ceiling and used to support the body weight during a sequence of postures. It shares the mind-body connection principles of the traditional yoga practice, while the weightlessness helps remove compression from the spine and opens up joints, releasing stress and tension.

If you’re already thinking, “what’s not to love,” there’s more! You’ll strengthen and lengthen muscles, give your cardiovascular system a good conditioning, increase movement and deepen your body awareness. This new dimension to your yoga practice also stimulates the release of happy hormones.

While you’re up in the air, don’t forget to enjoy the view. At Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, classes take place at the Yoga Pavilion, which is surrounded by lush forest. And in one of our beachfront Spa salas at Evason Ana Mandara, you have the pick of the perfect sea views.

No surprises, classes are popular so we recommend you make a reservation. Maximum of two guests per class with one private Flying Yoga instructor.

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