When the best designer is nature

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With a setting as tropical as the island gem of Krabey in Cambodia, Six Senses Krabey Island design team relied on their track record of creating amazing resorts in places of exceptional natural beauty.

If you have visited us in more than one location, you’ll know that no two Six Senses are the same. Each project reflects the landscape, culture, guest experiences and commitment to the local community and eco system.

On the lush island of Krabey in Cambodia, the quest was to create a resort with just 40 pool villas set in the natural landscaping of a 30-acre (12-hectare) island, with its highest point at 137 feet (42 meters) above sea level. With a country steeped in history and reemerging onto the world stage of exotic destinations, the team looked for features that truly represent the location.

Celebrating life and renewal reflected the positivity of the Khmer people and was a good starting point. The vibrancy of the fertile jungle was also a significant feature reflected in the overall design. The third major element was water, an integral part of the Cambodian community, with more than 80,000 people permanently living over water in the Lake Tonlé Sap region alone.

For the pool villas, the design team incorporated features from the traditional Khmer land-based house and the water settlements that make up the country’s 170 floating villages. They chose sustainable décor for the wall finishes, while hanging pendants and wall lamps are a nod to tradition. The furniture legs were inspired by the shape of Romdoul blossom, which is the national flower of the Kingdom and native to Krabey Island.

The theme of traditional architecture carries through the reception areas, with the main lobby and lounge taking on the form of a classic fisherman’s house. The roof structures show how the catch is traditionally dried. Local fishing baskets wrap around the space and hanging pendants give the feeling of being blown by a gentle sea breeze.

The fishing theme extends to the bar, which is from the terrace to the fisherman’s house. Lanterns are inspired by fish traps and a fascinating ceiling installation reinforces the theme. Wood paneling imparts a warm and welcoming ambience to the main restaurant, complemented by local Krama fabrics that form ceiling decoration and carry through to the pillows of the dining bench.

The signature restaurant takes on a jungle theme, while serving a modern interpretation of Khmer-inspired cuisine. The freestanding building is set within lush trees and features a gorgeous parametric ceiling in a pattern of leaves, while pendants take the shape of succulent fruit hanging from trees.

The concept behind the Six Senses spa focuses on water, represented by the sacred Kbal Spean River. Key elements of the spa’s creative design are air bubbles, which are translated into wooden vertical features and hanging pendant rods, while water ripples have been used in the floor pattern of the public areas and on the ceiling of spa treatment rooms.

Opening early 2019. For more information or reservations, please call +855 69 944 888 or email reservations-krabey@sixsenses.com.