Well-being starts young here

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Grownups step aside; it’s time for youngsters to understand more about what’s going on inside them and in the world around them through Grow With Six Senses.

Grow With Six Senses incorporates the six dimensions of wellness (social, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual) so kids can reconnect with nature and others around them. The approach is to gain useful life skills through play (after all, there is nothing less fun than when children are told, “this will be fun!”). It’s an adventure, and as they journey through each activity, they’ll get a new stamp for their personal Six Senses passport.

Programs vary from resort to resort, but the idea is to introduce specifically designed physical activities, yoga and mindfulness, local culture, sustainability and social experiences. And because you’re never too young for a bit of pampering, there’s also the chance to enjoy tailor-made spa treatments.

The focus is on out-of-the-ordinary experiences. From making edible water bubbles to flying yoga, and baking snacks in a solar oven to junior Zumba, there’s something to attract even the most reticent joiner.

It’s not all about ‘doing’; there are plenty of ‘being’ options too, for example simple meditation and singing bowl workshops. Children’s innate creativity comes into play around the world, dabbling with Vietnamese origami, Portuguese tile painting and even getting to grips with Arabic.

Kids can see first-hand how things are upcycled in the Earth Lab, and join our gardeners in our organic gardens. Other activities may include visits to local farms and schools, as well as planting seeds in a coconut shell, purifying water or turning up the heat in cooking classes.

Grow With Six Senses continues through family activities such as coastal walks, movie evenings, sandcastle building, storytelling, mastermind puzzle challenges, and family bake offs – a full list can be viewed on the web page of each resort under the EXPERIENCES tab. Many of the activities are complimentary or have a nominal fee to cover materials.

For more information, please email enquiries-spa@sixsenses.com.