Touchy feely

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Touch is central in all aspects of our lives: cognitive, emotional, developmental and behavioral. See how we use touch or massage therapy to reduce stress hormones and release happy chemicals at Six Senses Spa Krabey Island in Cambodia.

It’s no surprise that a single touch can affect us in multiple, powerful ways. Massage therapy has science on its side … showing a reduction in the stress-related hormone cortisol and an increase in happy chemicals serotonin and dopamine. 

Our soon-to-be-opened Six Senses Spa Krabey Island in Cambodia combines local traditions with therapeutic herbs wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied into a ball in the Khmer Kru Herbal Massage. This ball of bliss is applied to specific pressure points, using gentle and rolling movements, to achieve your desired goal.

The traditional Khmer Massage combines rhythmic massage techniques with gentle stretching and kneading movements. It releases muscle tension, loosens joints and opens energy channels leaving you feeling fresh and “floaty” afterwards.

Taking a cue from Ayurvedic traditions, our four-handed Abhyanga massage reduces the signs of aging, relieves fatigue, induces sleep, strengthens the skin and boosts the immune system.

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