The man behind the medicine

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To find out how modern science confirms ancient shamanic wisdom, we asked Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. He’s a psychologist, medical anthropologist, friend to Amazon shamans, biohacker and the brains behind our Grow a New Body program.

Shamans knew a thing or two about biohacking before it was even a thing. Can you elaborate?

Longevity of the individual is of no interest to Nature, but it is to you and me. These programs are encoded in the biofield, an energy and information field that envelops the body. Shamans of old discovered that they could hack the biofield to live long and healthy lives, get their health span to equal their life span, and free their consciousness from their body.

How did they go about it?

They discovered special healing plants, which we now know are loaded with phytonutrients that switch on the genes that create health and switch off the genes that create disease. The ancient shamans’ lifestyle and spiritual practices kept stress levels low, so they were not plagued with the toxic hormones that keep many Westerners in a constant state of fight-or-flight.

Today, we know how to detox the brain and body from the harmful elements in our air, food and water. We know that if we carefully combine a diet rich in phytonutrients with supplements that regenerate our cells, and with the experience of Oneness, we can grow a new body – healthy and balanced.

What are the key stages to growing a new body?

It’s not actually that complicated. You have to detox the body and repair mitochondria, the fuel factories in every cell, as upgrading the hardware comes first. Then upgrade the brain by removing lead and mercury and other toxins, and you grow a new body in a week. The final stage is to practice compassion and loving-kindness.

And you believe we can grow a new body in a week?

Every atom and molecule in the body is exchanged every seven years. Skin cells regenerate every seven days. Mayo Clinic has identified regenerative medicine as the new paradigm using the body’s own repair systems to heal. We know that we can turn on these systems in a week and derive life-long benefits.

You mention bliss molecules. They sound good! Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Our brains are fully capable of producing potent chemicals that create health, serenity and joy—including DMT, dimethyltryptamine. Produced by the pineal gland, DMT is found not just in the human brain but throughout nature: all plants, animals and even trees produce it. Also referred to as the “spirit” or “bliss” molecule, DMT is naturally produced by the brain when we dream, meditate, make love, and especially when we die. It provides the underlying brain chemistry for us to experience Oneness.

By ridding yourself of decades worth of toxins, repairing the biome in your gut, and enhancing your nutrition with superfoods and supplements, you can turn off the genes that produce disease and switch on those that promote health. And the “bliss” molecules are nature’s way of rewarding you for this!

How should we prepare before coming on a Six Senses retreat?

Everyone receives a preparation packet, including instructions for weaning off sugar and caffeine, eliminating gluten and cheap carbs, and starting a stillness or meditative practice.  Just like the first rule to become rich is to avoid losing your money, the first rule to great health is to avoid the poisons in the air, water and food.

Are there any limits (age etc.) or can anyone join a program?

Babies are born with dozens of toxins in their umbilical cord blood, so the earlier the better. You cannot wait until you get sick to start taking care of your health. And it is never too late.

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