Sweet tooth? Save the date!

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Using date syrup as a healthier alternative to processed sugar is becoming more popular. The date trees that surround Six Senses Zighy Bay make easy pickings for everyone to enjoy.

Now you can satisfy your sweet tooth (in moderation) during the Six Senses Zighy Bay date harvest. All Six Senses resorts are guided by the principle of sourcing local and natural ingredients, and they don’t come much closer to home than the date trees on the property.

Date syrup is commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking to add flavor to everything from chicken dishes to dressings and desserts. Not only is this rich and treacly nectar a versatile ingredient that can be used in many recipes, it also has antibacterial compounds and promotes digestive health.

We produce our date syrup on our property using a traditional method, which is just too good not to share with you. Try drizzling a little over your yogurt or porridge in the morning.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We harvest our dates during summer, segregate them, and dry them in the sun.
  2. Next, we place the dates into basket (we use hand-woven baskets, but you can use any natural sack that produces a compacting effect).
  3. Then we stack the baskets one on top of another, creating a pyramid base, in a room heated to 50 to 60°C.
  4. After three or four days, the syrup naturally flows into our collecting channel.
  5. 150 kg of dates produces 4 kg of syrup.

For more information, please call +968 2673 5555 or email reservations-zighy@sixsenses.com.