Sustainability is growing at Six Senses

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When it comes to food, our activities extend beyond our dining outlets: all properties source fresh ingredients grown in our onsite organic gardens, supporting our Six Senses value of Local Sensitivity, Global Sensibility.

Good food and unique culinary experiences are the hallmark of any memorable holiday, especially those shared with Six Senses. Unfortunately, food is also at the forefront of many of the environment challenges we face today. The impacts of the food industry stem primarily from food production (factory farming, pesticides, fertilizers, water consumption, etc.), food transport (fuel consumption, carbon creation, packaging, etc.) and food waste (about one third of the food produced each year is thrown away).

At Six Senses, we acknowledge that our actions in the kitchen extend beyond our dining outlets and into the community and wider world. True to our value of Local Sensitivity, Global Sensibility, all of our kitchens use the fruit, veg and herbs grown in our onsite organic gardens (maintained using our own compost recycled from food waste).

What we can’t grow on our properties we do our best to source locally, supporting our community. Indeed, our creative cuisine is often inspired by the local culture around us, preserving the unique traditions, and signature tastes and flavors from the regions we are located in.

With 11 operating resorts today, and more on the way, we know that our locally sensitive actions are not only good for our surrounding communities but make global sense as well.

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