Soothe something 

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Some of us thrive in cities; however, even the most committed urbanites may become overwhelmed by continual sounds, smells and stimulation. Enter a spa pod at Six Senses Maxwell in Singapore and … aaah … welcome the sound of silence.

A day in the city can feel like an invasion. Fast-moving crowds invade our personal space; noise and smells invade our senses. Scientists have found that two regions of our brain involved in the regulation of emotion and anxiety become overactive in city-dwellers when they are stressed, leading to a range of mental health problems.

Whether you live in Singapore, or are just passing through, why not take a break from sensory overload at Six Senses Maxwell? Each of the hotel’s 138 guestrooms and suites were carefully decorated so you feel like you’re getting away from it all, even in the middle of it all. The spa pod is a quiet sanctuary offering a wide range of holistic wellness, rejuvenation and beauty treatments administered under the guidance of expert therapists and visiting practitioners.

The stress and noise of the busy streets will start to melt away even before the treatment begins as you settle back on the warm massage bed, breathe in the beautiful scents and take in the calming lighting. Each sense is soothed while you engage in a moment of mindfulness, your brain releases feel-good chemicals and any pain diminishes.

If that feels a bit too horizontal, there’s also the option to shake off any excess stress at the gym. Humans are designed to move and it’s good for our brains and keeps our skin looking fresh too. Why not finish your session with a few laps in the rooftop pool or gentle stretches on the sun terrace?

Spa pods at Six Senses Maxwell will open in the second quarter of 2019.

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