Sleep’s sweet in Crete

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Feel like the amount of sleep you need is always “five minutes more”? Get ready for the best quality shut eye thanks to the Sleep Well program, launching at the award-winning Six Senses Spa Elounda in the five-star Elounda Mare in Crete.

Designed in collaboration with product partner, Subtle Energies, the program includes the Sleep Well Journey, which goes beyond boosting one’s mood or banishing under-eye circles.

Based on clinical research and ancient practices to alleviate sleep concerns, this journey begins with guided meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) to positively impact the flow of energy. A full body massage then releases tensions and brings the body’s rhythm back into balance, while the facial marma massage assists in stimulating the pineal gland using potent active ingredients. This is followed by the nasya (nasal oil application) that has been used for centuries to relieve sleep issues. The final step is the Shirodhara, a powerful Ayurvedic technique for activating the sleep hormone melatonin.

For additional benefits, guests can enjoy the Sleep & Resilience smoothies available, such as Bonne Nuit with celery, broccoli, lemon balm, lime and ginger or UnBEETable Sleep with fennel, beetroot, lemon balm, ginger and lime.

The full Sleep Well program includes:

  • Guided Meditation (15 minutes)
  • Pranayama (15 minutes)
  • Blissful Marma Massage (45 minutes)
  • Shirodhara (45 minutes)
  • Nasya
  • Three Sleep & Resilience smoothies

Euro 320 per person. Accommodation not included.

If you want to continue enjoying restorative sleep at home, the Sleep Well Gift Set is the perfect accompaniment to take with you. It includes nasya oil, a blissful heat inhalation patch, facial blend and pure Indian rose hydrosol. Six Senses Spa offers the Sleep Well Gift Set for Euro 285.

Back at Elounda Mare, you can enjoy a relaxing bath using soothing essential oils in addition to herbal valerian tea as part of the turndown service. A pillow menu is also available with the added bonus of a lavender pillow mist. Don’t leave without trying the aroma burner with Bliss essential oils and CD with deep relaxing sleep music.

For more information, please call +30 284 106 8060 or email