Silver screen on the sandbank

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What could be better than a private movie screening on your very own sandbank, where the stars above you shine as brightly as the stars on the screen? There’s none of the wrapper-rustling, coughing or mid-movie chattering of the usual movie audience around you. The only surround sound comes from the waves breaking gently on the shore.

Our crew will drop you off via speedboat on a private sandbank just five minutes from Six Senses Laamu, where you can soak up the Maldivian sunset and palm-fringed local islands before settling down to watch a movie of your choice. Of course, you could opt for an action-packed thriller full of jump scares, but we usually advise that your complimentary bottle of champagne or fresh juice, freshly made canapés, snacks and popcorn go better with a romance!

Couples who have already booked a private barbecue dinner on the sandbank just need to make an additional reservation for the movie screening. You can also choose additional beverages or snacks from our à la carte menu.

It’s no surprise that this experience is popular, so please make sure you book at least 48 hours in advance as it is subject to availability. Due to the nature of the location, we cannot show movies longer than 90 minutes so go for something short and sweet.

For more information, please call +960 680 0800 or email