Screen out toxins from your skin

by posted in WELLNESS

Our properties love basking in sunshine. And while sun safety and sunscreen go hand in hand, did you know that Six Senses is the first hotel group to commit to providing only skin-safe, marine-safe products?

Merging the two platforms of pioneering wellness and sustainability is core to our brand’s values. It is therefore natural for us to commit to having a resolutely positive impact on the health of our guests and local environments. The latest initiative is a brand-wide ban on all toxic sunscreens.

Studies into sunscreen are unanimous in agreeing that what we put on our skin ends up in our bodies. Firstly, we can inhale ingredients (especially from sprays) and ingest ingredients that we apply to our faces and lips. Secondly, sunscreens sometimes include penetration enhancers to help the product stick to the skin. Significant penetration of toxic chemicals lead to unintended but nasty health scenarios. That’s why we’re only providing the healthiest sun products available – for the health of our guests and marine environments.

Coral reef-safe sunscreens are not absorbed into the skin easily. The active ingredients of non-nano zinc oxide and titanium oxide protect the skin by reflecting UVA and UVB rays off the skin like a mirror. They also provide a longer period of sun protection.

So far we’ve identified a dozen brands and over 50 products that meet our criteria for human and environmental health, and the list is growing all the time. All approved sunscreens have been recognized as 100 percent reef-safe, passing safety measures established from acceptable Environmental Working Group standards and the latest scientific research on coral reef health.

We have also selected products that use plant-based or fully compostable packaging to help us meet another objective that’s close to our heart: to be completely free of singl-use plastic by 2022.

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