Save the date: Global Wellness Day

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As supporters of Global Wellness Day, Six Senses spa teams around the world have prepared a schedule of complimentary activities to celebrate on June 8, 2019.

Celebrated since 2012, Global Wellness Day originated in 2012 after its founder Belgin Aksoy came to the realization that the desire to live well is dominant internationally, and is a dream embraced by virtually the whole world.  Growing from a celebration at one Turkish spa eight years ago to events in over 130 countries in over 5,000 locations, the overarching motto is: “One day, can change your whole life!”

The fundamental purpose of the day is to make people aware of the value of their lives. The point is, even if just for one day of the year, to make the world stop and think, get away from the stress of urban lifestyles and from bad habits, and to find peace. Ultimately, it is meant as a journey of self-discovery where people find that they can change their whole lives and are given the tools to do so through exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual teachings.

All Six Senses spas around the world have prepared a schedule of complimentary activities. Depending on the location, you can enjoy the experiences at the sunrise or sunset, on the beach or in the forest, or on the jetty. Each spa team has chosen a location that evokes a sense of wellness and most are running a full day of fun.

The program is not just for adults but children too. “We go to school from the age of two … but nobody is teaching us how to live, how to breathe, how to be mindful and how to love ourselves,” says Aksoy, “A key goal of GWD is to teach children and families how to integrate wellness practices into their daily lives.”

With a little time travel, highlights include:

6:00 am                              Six Senses Spa Yao Noi: Sunrise Yoga at The Hill Top

7:30 am                              Six Senses Spa Bhutan: Walk in the Wild

8:00 am                              Six Senses Spa Greater Noida: Boot Camp

8:45 am                              Six Senses Spa Fiji: Pranayama Yoga

10:30 am                            Six Senses Spa Hua Hin: Yoga for Kids

11:00 am                            Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon: Snorkel Safari

12:00 noon                        Six Senses Spa Zighy Bay: Tabata Workout

1:00 pm                             Six Senses Spa Laamu: Crystal Sound Healing

2:30 pm                             Six Senses Spa at Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai: Lovetuner Meditation

3:00 pm                             Six Senses Spa Con Dao: Farm Activities for Kids

4:00 pm                             Six Senses Spa Douro Valley: Workshop Shrubs, Tonics & Tea

4:30 pm                             Six Senses Spa Uluwatu: Children’s Music and Movement

5:00 pm                             Six Senses Spa Bhutan: Lighting the Butter Lamp

5:30 pm                             Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon: Sunset Couples Stretch

6:30 pm                             Six Senses Spa Yao Noi: Laughter Yoga followed by Farm to Table Dinner

On social media look for the hashtag #globalwellnessday and #GWD2019 to follow what happens from sunrise to sunset around the globe on June 8.

Click here for the full schedule of activities across Six Senses Spas.

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