Rising beyond the reef in Fiji

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Six Senses Fiji works with NGO Rise Beyond the Reef to support the local economy and help women in need. Each of your purchases promotes their empowerment.

Rise Beyond the Reef works with women in remote Fijian communities, teaching them to create and market beautiful homewares and crafts made using traditional skills. We love these items, and use them to decorate our villas and restaurants. You can also browse the latest collections in our boutique. Each item has a story, and all profits go supporting the artisan and their rural community.

Traditional techniques and skills

Products vary from children’s games and toys to fashion items such as necklaces, pouches and bags. Homewares including placemats, coasters and wall hangings are woven from a material called kuta – a reed harvested from lakes, and then dried out to use for weaving. It is a very prominent material used in Vanu Levu, Fiji’s second biggest island. It is also used to make costumes, and specifically wedding outfits. Only certain people with a maternal or paternal link to Bua (a province in Vanu Levu) can wear the kuta outfits at any time. The weaving technique is very old and the tradition goes back a long way.

Improving access to markets

Six Senses Fiji was working with Rise Beyond the Reef even before the resort opened in April 2018. Supporting expert weavers, artisans and printers means breaking down the barrier between a life of poverty and possibilities through greater access to markets. Therefore, the charity helps them with the design of collections aimed at local and international markets, raw materials, shipping and exportation, marketing and leadership development.

Brighter futures

Rise Beyond the Reef has had a significant impact on Fiji’s communities since 2015. More than 300 women have benefited from economic and leadership development and nearly 50 leaders have strengthened their employability through formal roles. It has also had a positive impact on the environment through a 150 percent increase in source materials such as plants and vines.

The charity continues to create a brighter future for women and girls and Six Senses Fiji is proud to support it. For more information, please contact reservations-fiji@sixsenses.com or call +679 666 5028.