Rekindle something

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Is daily life squashing your vitality and creativity? Sometimes we get so busy we forget our younger selves’ sense of wonder and awe. Six Senses Gangtey in Bhutan can help you take the first step towards reawakening your inner child.

Once we’re taught the science behind why the sky is blue, we forget to appreciate the beauty and ever-changing vastness of it. And yet, a sense of curiosity, and letting go of the adult ego, is essential for leading a more wonder-full life.

Where adults crave certainty of what will happen (and how and when it will happen), children are always evolving and trying new things. If something does not work, they simply take another approach as they are determined to make it work. There are no excuses or limitations in their eyes.

One of the ways to connect to a sense of wonder and to let go of any preconceptions about your limitations is to allow yourself to be playful. This is much easier said than done. At Six Senses Gangtey, it is not an arduous task, however, as it is done in simple (and literal) steps on a walk.

The Gangtey Valley serves as a beautiful backdrop for taking such a walk. The surprise of finding such an expansive glacial valley among the vertiginous mountains of Bhutan is augmented by the impression of vast space.

We suggest a leisurely stroll along the valley floor, where the Gangtey Stream winds its way south. Instead of asking questions that look for facts, you’ll be asking yourself questions that look for an experience:

“I wonder how cold the water in the rice fields is … ?”

“I wonder how warm the earth feels in this sun … ?”

“I wonder how many different bird songs I can hear … ?”

Even: “I wonder what a yak smells like … ?”

If it’s safe to do so (we trust your judgment when it comes to that last question), then allow yourself to follow up your wonder with the experience. See if there is anything on this trip that you can do that you haven’t done before. Find your inner child and print a prayer flag, build a stone stupa on one of your walks, make a mandala from sticks, stones and leaves or chant a mantra with some monks, just for the fun of it.

There is also the Longtey Hike Trail, which begins at Pele La Pass and winds through a small village where yak herders put up their camps during winter. You then continue towards a rhododendron forest, through thick dwarf bamboo. During the hike you’ll see locals going about their daily farming rituals. The trail carries you up to a ridgeline up to Kayche La Pass at 12,140 feet (3,700 meters), where you can catch your breath before it is taken away again by views of Phobjikha Valley and Gangtey Village. We recommend taking your time during this hike; enjoy the rich forest and natural beauty that are in abundance. You are invited to hang prayer flags at a selected site and continue the downward trail, passing through the farms and the meadows.

Return to Six Senses for a late lunch and head to the spa to indulge in a nourishing Swedana Steam Treatment designed for rejuvenating tired legs.

Six Senses Gangtey is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. Gangtey is the famous winter residence of the black-necked cranes that arrive each October and the resort is modeled after a traditional bird watching bridge. Large glass windows offer guests unobstructed, 180-degree views. Guests can visit the nearby Black-Necked Crane Visitor Center and the Gangtey Goemba Monastery, which includes a school for monks and meditation facilities.

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