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The algorithm behind the new Timeshifter app is already helping astronauts, elite athletes and top CEOs eliminate jet lag to perform at their best. Now, this much-needed tool is available to you when you book with Six Senses.

Jet lag is caused when the sleep-wake and light-dark cycle shift too quickly for the 24-hour circadian clock in the brain to adapt. We have partnered with Timeshifter to improve your traveling experience whether you are heading away on business or pleasure.

If you book directly with Six Senses, you can access the Timeshifter jet lag app, which was developed with Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Steven Lockley, Ph.D. and based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience. It helps you adapt to a new time zone more quickly and enjoy high energy levels from the moment you start your personalized jet lag plan.

The plan is based on your sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan, and optional preferences such as pre-travel adjustment or the use of melatonin for an even faster adaptation. Timeshifter incorporates a real world “practicality” filter, ensuring that the advice is realistic and easy to follow. Using Timeshifter is a straightforward and empowering experience and requires no special equipment. It not only provides advice to alleviate the disruptive symptoms of jet lag such as insomnia and sleepiness, but it also addresses the underlying circadian disruption by rapidly resynchronizing the circadian clock to the new time zone and reducing the negative impact of jet lag on other brain and body functions.

Book a stay through www.sixsenses.com, via email or by phone and you will receive a special code in your reservation confirmation so you can unlock a complimentary jet lag plan inside the Timeshifter iOS or Android app.

For more information, please email enquiries-spa@sixsenses.com.