On location with nature

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Nature’s calming, rejuvenating and mind-expanding effects are known to promote health and well-being. That’s why we’ve searched (almost) to the ends of the earth to find the locations where you can be right in the heart of it.

We care deeply about health: from guest wellness to the health of our hosts, local communities and precious natural resources around us. This is especially important as we try and bring more balance into our high-tech lives.

To this end, our purpose and intention is to focus on all the elements needed for you to stay well while you’re with us and leave in a better place than when you arrived. It all starts with our locations, and preserving the nature at their core.

At Six Senses Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles, we felt that nature was so dramatic that we could not tame it; instead we wanted nature to tame us. Take the spa for example: it’s an integral part of the island’s eco-system and symbiotic experience of the surrounding environment. There are treatment suites between rocks, on top of rocks and overlooking the ocean, while the outdoor yoga pavilion, sauna and steam room fully immerse you in the landscape all around you.

Looking ahead, Six Senses Bhutan will launch later this year. Traveling between the lodges offers a truly unique journey of the senses, starting just outside the capital of culture Thimphu. Situated within beautiful apple orchards to the north and young pine forests to the south, the Thimphu lodge is perched on the hillside, offering views across the valley and to the 170-foot-high giant Buddha.

The next stop is Punakha, which is referred to as the flying farmhouse amidst the rice fields. This valley is the market garden of the country, where produce grows year-round and many Bhutanese reside during the cooler winter months. From there, you’ll climb past deep ravines with dizzying drops to the little-visited Phobjikha Valley before you arrive at the quaint rural settlement of Gangtey.

Bumthang is the most easterly located lodge located directly within a pine grove, thereby taking on the name Forest within a Forest. The last stop is Paro and our lodge is set within 12th century ruins directly above Paro National Museum.

In a setting of biblical proportions, Six Senses Shaharut is designed to integrate into the desert topography and preserve the natural terrain. Located in the south of the Negev Desert and opening in November, the villas are built from, and inspired by, local rock and pigments, and the landscaping features cacti and indigenous desert blooms.
The destinations are new, but you’ll find Six Senses Integrated Wellness at all resorts and spas, along with its key pillars Sleep With Six Senses and Eat With Six Senses. Simply relax and tap into the natural vibe.

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