Meet baby turtles in Con Dao

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Green sea turtles return to the beaches in Con Dao to lay their eggs from May to September. Guests at Six Senses Con Dao can join a nightly tour to the nesting grounds to experience this natural spectacle first hand through the Turtle Nesting & Release program.

There are around thirteen beaches around the islands where green turtles come to nest, but only one beach has nighttime access. Guided trips depart by speedboat to Bay Canh Island where you wait at the Ranger Station. When a female turtle comes to nest, the local rangers will guide you to the nest site where you can watch the female as she meticulously lays and covers her eggs. You can then help the rangers collect the eggs and transplant them to a nearby hatchery. Coming into August it is common to see the hatchlings make their way out of the ground and you can assist in releasing them.

From mid-August, the eggs laid by the mother green turtles start to come to the surface. Join one of the early morning trips to release the hatchings as they start their life’s journey.

From mid-August to early-November if you’re not a night person, you can join a trip to release baby turtles from the Bay Canh Island Turtle Sanctuary. Trips depart from the resort by speedboat. On Bay Canh you can tour the hatchery and learn about the turtles’ lifecycle. You’ll then be given an opportunity to hold the young ones before heading down to the beach and releasing them … if you are fast enough, you can even get into the water and swim with them.

Six Senses Con Dao also supports the local NGO – Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), which reduces illegal wildlife trafficking. This project helps to improve awareness among locals and tourists about the importance of sea turtle conservation and to eliminate sea turtle trade in Con Dao.

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