Massage , Our BFF

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Go ahead and book that massage. Research tells us it’s good for us, so who are we to argue? In fact, you sometimes feel the stress melting away even before the therapist begins, as you settle on the warm massage bed in a beautifully scented and lit treatment room. Each sense is soothed while you engage in a moment of mindfulness, your brain releases feel-good chemicals, and any pain diminishes.

This year, our team of experts and skilled therapists has taken Six Senses Signature massages to yet another level addressing the most common modern concerns, while allowing space for each treatment to be adapted to your specific needs.

Want to release stress, ease muscle tension, boost circulation and improve mobility? Try our Deep Tissue Massage during which your therapist works therapeutically into deeper muscle layers, addressing triggers points with gentle pressure and release techniques.

Detox Massage is the energetic one with specific focus on the areas between the upper legs, glutes, lower back, hips and abdomen. It uses dry brushing and silicon cups to stimulate circulation, improve skin tone and elasticity, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

If full personalization is your goal, our Holistic Massage will meet your needs, or if you have concerns around mobility and flexibility, Movement Restoration Massage comes to the rescue. It combines pressure point techniques with gentle stretching to increase the range of motion and release built-up tension.

We also offer more targeted massages as well. Tension Soother is a reviving back, neck and shoulders massage, Relaxed Feet will take care of your feet with a fusion of massage techniques and the Head Massage is a deeply relaxing oil-based treatment to ease tension in the muscles and fascia of the head and upper body.

Our spas now incorporate a singing bowl ritual at the beginning of your treatment, so that your body is prepared to receive a positive healing experience. Using singing bowls for healing is based on the idea that a human body possesses a different resonant frequency. The body is in a healthy state when each cell and organ resonates in harmony with the whole being. When energy flow in the body is hindered, the affected area vibrates out of tune, causing illness. The sound frequencies created by the signing bowls restore the flow of this energy and bring about a state of well-being.

Available across Six Senses Spas worldwide, the only challenge is to choose which massage to start with.

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