Making a song and dance of Fiji

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A rich tapestry of indigenous Fijian, Indian, European and Chinese traditions creates a unique community at Six Senses Fiji. There’s nothing we like better than bringing everyone together through food, song and dance.

Community and celebration go hand in hand on Malolo Island.

It starts with the ceremony

Kava (pepper plant root), a crop of the western Pacific, has a great deal of importance placed upon it socially and medically. A yaqona (kava drinking) ceremony has great significance in Fijian life. Often accompanying political or religious functions, the ceremony consists of a presentation of kava roots as well as drinking kava, Fiji’s national drink, from the half shell of a coconut. Kava drinking ceremonies also take on a less formal approach when enjoyed by Fijians during social occasions. Fijians will sit in a circle as they pass the grog (kava drink) and tell stories long into the night.

It extends to the culinary  

Eating at a lovo (Fijian banquet) is another culturally-rich Fijian experience. Using an earth oven, chicken, meats and fish are covered with banana leaves and cooked along with taro (a tropical, starchy plant) and palusami (the main dish) in a hole in the ground for two to three hours. The result is a delicious, healthy and unique style of dinner to be enjoyed in a group with singing and dancing.

It continues to the community

While you’re with us, you can take a trip to the local village of Solevu to experience the true feel of a Fijian settlement. Discover local indigenous arts and crafts and enjoy a tasty lunch of typical fare with the villagers themselves.

It’s all part of the journey

Kava, lovo meals and trips to the village are just a few of the activities we can arrange for you. The Bula-tin activity schedule also includes fire lighting ceremonies, the traditional meke (traditional Fiji style) song and dance presentation, costume-making activities, market trips as well as Fijian language lessons for both adults and children. Our Fijian Guest Experience Makers are also happy to share local knowledge and traditions as part of a journey of discovery that we hope you remember fondly for years to come.

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