Kids need time to unwind

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Everyone can benefit from having a spa treatment, including children. Our skilled experts and therapists have developed a specially created spa menu as part of Grow With Six Senses that incorporates all the dimensions of wellness.

Grow With Six Senses is an opportunity for children and teens to understand more about what’s going on inside them and in the world around them. From recycled art to volcano explosions and fizzy-ology, there’s a whole world of activities to enjoy. When a hard day’s fun is almost done, it’s time to unwind in the spa-aah.

Junior Body Massage

Relaxation is the way to go with this soothing full body massage using hydrating organic coconut oil and essential oils. Prepared in fun and quirky shapes, your kids can pick one up at the spa reception and also choose a removable tattoo to complete the treatment.

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Having fun at the pool or playing all day is exhausting. This reviving massage will leave little ones feeling supple and refreshed, and ready to go on new adventures tomorrow.

Foot Mapping

The various reflex areas on the feet form “maps” that correspond with different parts of the body. We teach kids all about these maps as the spa therapist massages their feet and restores their body’s balance to its optimum state.

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