Keeping summer sleep on track

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Vacations can play havoc on your sleep, with late nights and lazy mornings compounded by jet lag. At Six Senses, however, life’s never a yawn. From Nidra to NASA, we have your sleep covered from A to ZZZ.

Having the kids home from school can lead to an erratic sleep schedule. Indulging in summer fruits and ice cream can get your blood sugar spiking and crashing. Rising temperatures and dehydration can lead to restlessness. The extra glass (or two) of summer rosé can make you feel sleepy but will stop you from falling into the deep physically restorative stage of sleep that’s essential for repair. And family time away – although arguably what makes the daily grind worthwhile – can lead to a disruption in your body clock if you travel too rapidly across time zones.

If this is enough to have you yawning in agreement, don’t worry. We know a thing or two about looking after our guests, especially after a long journey, and offer some ancient practices and high-tech tools to nurture your slumber.

Head to any of our Six Senses spas and you’ll also find a range of recovery treatments and massages that we can time to suit your sleep patterns. Float away while our therapists work their magic on your back, neck and head.

Some of our resorts offer a Yogic Sleep program, which is based around yoga nidra. This simple yet hugely effective practice is taught lying down and its goal is to induce full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness, addressing practitioner’s psychological, neurological and subconscious needs. It also provides a set of mind-body tools that can help you achieve everyday well-being and often navigate some of life’s hardest moments. Regular practice leads to the most profound level of relaxation, improved sleep patterns and a stronger immune system. Private sessions of pranayama and guided meditation, together with relaxing spa treatments, enhance the results of this program.

Your journey to better sleep continues in the privacy of your guestroom or villa. Our groundbreaking sleep standard Sleep With Six Senses brings together some of the best sleeping tools from handmade mattresses, temperature regulating pillows and duvets to organic cotton sheets.

If you book directly with Six Senses, you can access the Timeshifter jet lag app. Developed with Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Steven Lockley, Ph.D., it is based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience. Endorsed by elite athletes and NASA astronauts, it helps you adapt to a new time zone more quickly and enjoy high energy levels from the moment you start your personalized jet lag plan.

Using Timeshifter is a straightforward and empowering experience and requires no special equipment. It not only provides advice to alleviate the disruptive symptoms of jet lag such as insomnia and sleepiness, but it also addresses the underlying circadian disruption by rapidly resynchronizing the circadian clock to the new time zone and reducing the negative impact of jet lag on other brain and body functions.

Collaborating with our very own Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus, we also offer a library of 13 short videos packed full of tips for better sleep.

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