Getting to grips with kids’ guts

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Nutrition is important for children, as it shapes brain development, metabolism and overall well-being. Following the success of Eat With Six Senses for grown ups, our properties are serving up healthier meal options for kids too.

Of course you want to allow the kids to enjoy tasty treats on vacation, which is why we ensure your family’s meal options are both nutritious and delicious.

We choose whole and minimally processed foods, incorporate more fruit and vegetables, avoid added sugar and keep the salt in check. It doesn’t mean our chefs can’t offer up all-time classics – they just give them a healthy twist. Veggie burgers, gluten-free pasta and summer rolls filled with fresh fruit and ingredients from the organic garden are always popular choices and completely empty of processed rubbish.

We also encourage children to get involved in their own food and drink preparation, for example by picking their favorite ingredients from the resort’s organic garden to create a non-alcoholic mocktail.

Ice cream is treated as a serious sport across Six Senses resorts, with each one competing to make its mark. From banana peanut butter to local mountain honey and raisins or homegrown blackberry, it is always ice cream o’clock in one of our destinations worldwide.

There are also take-home nutritional programs available for parents to help make healthier choices back home.

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