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A little-known aspect of traditional Thai culture, Reusi Dat Ton is a self-healing yoga that consists of self-massage, breathing and dynamic exercises, poses, mantras, visualization and meditation. Come and try it at Six Senses Spa Yao Noi.

Besides being a rare art that allows Thai yogis to take care of themselves, Reusi Dat Ton is also supposedly the foundation of the traditional Thai massage.

It is believed that ancient texts on Reusi Dat Ton were lost when the old Thai Capital of Ayutthaya was destroyed during the Burmese invasion in 1767. But the art of Reusi Dat Ton was revived when King Rama I initiated a program to restore and preserve all branches of ancient Thai arts and sciences following his coronation in 1782. Medical texts from across the Kingdom were collected and brought to be restored. Clay Reusi statues depicting various Reusi Dat Ton techniques were built at Wat Po.

Centuries later, Reusi Dat Ton plays an important role in Thai medicinal studies, with institutions mandating it as a syllabus to fulfill the number of credit hours. As a graduate of The National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine, our spa therapist Khun Onuma Chuayrod excelled in Reusi Dat Ton during her final year of school as a result of a decade of practice. An avid practitioner of the art, she was first introduced to its techniques through the traditional Thai dance, Menora, which is unique to the southern region of Thailand.

At Six Senses Spa Yao Noi, Khun Onuma runs a 45-minute Thai yoga class once a week, teaching 15 basic poses out of the 127 in Reusi Dat Ton.

According to Khun Onuma, the graceful movements in the choreography of Menora are a combination of the many positions of Reusi Dat Ton: “Although I’ve grown out of Menora, Reusi Dat Ton is still part of my daily routine and it benefits me a lot, especially at work, where I’m required to use much of my inner strength. A few basic positions in just minutes, beat fatigue and relieve tension – and I’m good as new the next day.”

Besides beating fatigue and tension relief, the gentle low-impact techniques of Reusi Dat Ton also help to improve circulation, improve flexibility and range of motion, ease muscle aches and pains and increase mobility.

Typically, Reusi Dat Ton begins with breathing exercises and self-massage, followed by dynamic exercises and poses which involves stretching before finishing with visualization, mantras and meditation.

Six Senses Spa Yao Noi is inspired by a traditional Thai long house. Windows open onto lush gardens and there’s also the option of having your treatment in one of our salas to be fully immersed in tropical nature.

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