Engineering for energy flow

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Spaces can make you feel happy and well. That’s why we start with responsible architecture, making healthy choices for our buildings, materials and operating practices.

The science behind designing a healthy space encompasses embodied cognition and neuroaesthetics. For us, it’s a simple question: “How can we design this space so that people can connect to its positive energy and feel great?” To get to the answer, we work closely with creative engineers, architects, interior designers and healers.

One example is Six Senses Douro Valley, which was completed under the expert guidance of Alberto Alfonso Amura. Combining his knowledge in advanced environmental radiesthesia and bio-geometry, with ancient environmental sciences including feng shui and reiki, Alfonso identified the impact of underground streams, geological disturbances and energy flow. Once on site, he searched for any stagnant spots where the property’s chi needed correcting and also assessed the open landscapes and gardens. Alberto was delighted that the quinta (main building) provides a healthy warm center, which grounds the property. As a whole, the location enables positive energy dance and flow, combined with the adjacent terraced vineyards, bountiful gardens, forests and the graceful Douro River.

Biophilic (love of nature) principles are at the heart of the spa design at Six Senses Spa Courchevel. By reestablishing the bond between nature, human biology and the built environment, the resulting benefits include stress release, enhanced creativity and clarity of thought, and improved well-being.

Six Senses Spa Fiji is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Fijian village. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle, its design embodies the Six Senses philosophy that health is crucially linked to the calm and rejuvenating benefits of nature. Cascading water features flow down through the village and into the tropical greenbelt, nourishing the beautiful fig and baka (banyan) trees, providing a home for rare iguanas and offering healing visual and auditory experiences for guests. From the spa reception, the water cascades into the spa garden and flows into a rill leading to the Meditation Labyrinth. The healing sound of water and playful lights, which glow in the night, create the perfect setting for self-reflection as guests put their feet up and worries down.

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