DIY wellness

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Why not learn some life hacks at the Earth Lab? From Vietnam to Portugal, Seychelles to Thailand, this is a place dedicated to engagement and education – where you can learn some simple practices to take home with you.

Our Earth Labs showcase our sustainability efforts to reduce consumption, produce locally, and support communities and ecosystems. But they also invite you to roll your sleeves up and join in, with DIY wellness that can include making an oil from coconuts which fell off the trees that morning or making your own toothpastes and infusions from the natural ingredients growing at our properties.

From the Lab, let’s head to the Bar … the Alchemy Bar at Six Senses Douro Valley. Here you can learn how to skillfully blend locally-sourced aromatherapy botanicals to create potions and cures. Blend herbs and minerals, feel their textures, smell the wonderful aromas and create your product for either a body scrub, body wrap, face mask or a hair mask. You can also learn how to make these wonderful potions and cures at home.

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