Conserving Khmer healing practices

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Medical science leads to new treatments. But before the modern world overwrites ancient practices, we acknowledge that our elders knew a thing or two about preventing us from getting sick in the first place.

For generations, the secrets of Kru Khmer (traditional Cambodian medicine) remedies have been passed down through families and only slightly modified by each practitioner along the way. The healing benefits of natural medicine were discovered by Cambodian people during the Angkor period (the late 9th century) and used to treat various ailments. To understand and practice the Kru Khmer in more detail, the profession was divided into a number of sub-classifications. These ranged from herbalists to bone-setters who used various herbal concoctions in bandages, fortune tellers, charmers for general luck, love medicine and diviners with permanent access to special spirits to name a few.

Maintaining a body balance

All in all, Khmer medicine focuses on maintaining a body balance using natural Khmer herbs. It is influenced by Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At our new Six Senses Spa Krabey Island, we integrate knowledge from Cambodian communities into our signature treatments together with endemic produce and ingredients. The spa might be at the highest point of the island, but it’s worth the wander so you can experience the healing traditions of Kru Khmer.

What’s on the spa menu?

The Khmer Salt and Herb Scrub starts with an interactive Alchemy Bar workshop during which you will blend naturally-processed salt from the Kampot province with local Khmer herbs and aromatic essential oils. Dead skin cells are buffed away with dry body brushing before the locally-inspired scrub is applied to the body to stimulate your circulation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This experience concludes with the application of nourishing coconut oil.

Extend your spa-aah

While you’re with us, why not try our three-hour Signature Khmer Journey? In addition to the Alchemy Bar and scrub, you can also relax in our Chupon herbal steam tent which is great for boosting circulation. Finish by surrendering to the healing hands and warm heart of our spa therapist during an aromatic herbal poultice massage and thanking your lucky stars that our world hasn’t been taken over by machines and robots … just yet.

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