Connecting through local traditions

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Explore a variety of locally inspired treatments that stimulate, re-energize and restore the body and mind at Six Senses Spas.

From skin-purifying wraps to soul-soothing massages, we apply knowledge from local communities into our signature treatments together with locally sourced produce and ingredients. This approach enables us to maintain a closer connection with local traditions, nature and the surrounding world.

At Six Senses Spa Douro Valley in Portugal, deep in wine country, the Complete Grape Rejuvenation body treatment has been inspired by the powerful health benefits of the abundant grapes. It involves dry brushing of the skin followed by gentle exfoliation with grape pulp and grape seed oil. It concludes with a stimulating body wrap using vineyard soak and a scalp massage, leaving your skin feeling more refined and youthful in appearance.

At Six Senses Spa Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles, the locally-inspired scrubs are made freshly on site and are the perfect add-on to any massage or facial. Felicite Dew uses pure aloe vera juice, coconut meat and honey to nurture and hydrate. Sweet Perfection uses brown sugar and recycled ground coffee to stimulate and energize and Island Greens Kick uses a sea salt and bigarade fruit peel concoction to uplift, refresh and invigorate.

At Six Senses Spa Zighy Bay you can experience the Wonders of Oman, a cleansing journey which begins with a warm sea-salt bath with fresh mint and a body scrub made from local nourishing dates, honey and almond powder. It continues with the Arabian Body Rasul, which has slimming and purifying properties to leave the skin revitalized, then concludes with a draining massage.

All of our spas reflect the ethos of their local setting as a natural enhancement to our product ranges and results-orientated treatments.

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