Come see our coral colonies

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Earlier this year, Six Senses Zil Pasyon partnered with local NGO Nature Seychelles to pursue coral restoration around Félicité Island. Happy coral colonies are now growing in the nursery off the shore from Anse Peniche.

Coral nurseries such as Anse Peniche are vital initiatives, as the negative effects of climate change on marine life are becoming a visible global problem. Having the opportunity to help rebuild the underwater environments is positive both for the local environment where the resort operates and the tourism that visits the island. It is hoped that healthy reefs will invite back the beautiful marine life for guests to see while snorkeling or diving around Félicité.

In the last six months, the 1,800 coral fragments have grown between 62 and 174 percent, and the first coral transplantation is underway under the watchful eye of our Sustainability Manager and Marine Biologist Anna Zora. While you’re with us, we encourage you to swim the lines and see the plantation for yourself.

Above water, Six Senses Zil Pasyon invites you to get involved in our many other initiatives. Why not join our island conservation manager on a jungle hike to learn about the reforestation work that has been underway for nearly 10 years? You can take part in our ongoing project to reintroduce indigenous and endemic species of plants and trees around the resort. Or simply look up and appreciate the native sea birds that are gracing the skies once again now the highly invasive cocoplum is no longer threatening their coastal habitat. Keen ornithologists may just catch a glimpse of the charismatic fairy tern and wedge-tailed shearwater.

Discover more about Félicité and how it is emerging as the ecological jewel of Seychelles.

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