Better bitters

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Six Senses Ninh Van Bay creates its own house-made bitters and tinctures sourcing fresh herbs and spices from the organic garden on site. Cheers to that.

The mixologists at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay have created 12 different bitters and tinctures recipes. They are all made with homegrown ingredients such as lemongrass, orange zest, rosemary, lemon zest, chopped ginger, pandan leaves, fresh basil and mint, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and black pepper. They also support the Eat With Six Senses philosophy of zero waste and sustainability.

So, what’s the difference between bitters and tinctures?

Bitters traditionally are an alcoholic preparation flavored with botanical matter such that the end result is characterized by a bitter, sour or bittersweet flavor. Numerous longstanding brands of bitters were originally developed as patent medicines, but now are sold as digestives, sometimes with herbal properties, and cocktail flavorings.

While bitters are usually made from fresh herbs, tinctures are traditionally made from dried spices. A tincture features a trace or hint of a single (characteristic) flavor in a drink.

Bitters and tinctures can also be added in just two or three drops to everyday non-alcoholic drinks and they have many health benefits:

  • Curb sugar cravings
  • Soothe gas and bloating
  • Relieve occasional heartburn
  • Encourage digestive enzymes, bile and HCL production
  • Calm upset stomach and nausea
  • Increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Balance appetite
  • Ease constipation and regulate bowel movements
  • Support liver function and healthy skin

Our house Organic Sparkle cocktail is so popular, our guests often ask for the secret recipe to take home. We find it’s best enjoyed with eyes closed and imagining the sun setting over the East Vietnam Sea.


  • 45 ml (3 Tbsp) vodka
  • 15 ml (1 Tbsp) Aperol liqueur
  • 10 ml (2 tsp) fresh ginger juice
  • 2 drops homemade organic bitters (ginger and orange)
  • 2 drops homemade tinctures (star anise and cardamom)
  • 1 ginger beer (homemade)
  • 2 cocktail cherries (garnish)
  • Ice (crushed)


  1. Fill a highball glass with crushed ice.
  2. Pour in the ginger beer, vodka and Aperol liqueur.
  3. Add the two drops of bitters and two drops of tinctures.
  4. Stir well
  5. Top-up with ginger beer and garnish with cherries.

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