Beachfront in Brazil

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Six Senses Formosa Bay marks our first entry into South America. In addition to the 133-villa resort accommodations, the extraordinary site offers 58 three-, four- and five-bedroom residences available for private ownership.

The overall project features almost 4.5 miles (7 kilometers) of Atlantic Ocean beachfront and is home to a former coconut plantation. Six Senses Formosa Bay will be part of the 6,350-acre Eco Estrela Project, where mangrove-graced freshwater canals can be navigated by boat.

In line with our sustainability standards, the private residences at Six Senses Formosa Bay will be built from sustainable sources, together with repurposed materials that are mostly produced in Brazil. Furnishings will evoke a natural and neutral palette, with splashes of vibrancy to reflect Brazil’s colorful culture.

Brazilian architects, Andrés Gálvez and Márton Gyuricza were chosen to design the final masterplan for the first phase of the Eco Estrela Project in close cooperation with Felipe Bezerra Arquitetos.

Felipe has worked on many residential and commercial projects in Brazil. In 2013 he also founded the Mula Preta design studio, which has gone on to win international awards including Good design (Chicago) and A’Design award (Milan).

Felipe, what inspires you when you create?

I would divide my fields of inspiration in two parts: as an architect and as a designer. Architecture puts together form and function and also the client’s needs. Modernism brought simplicity and objectivity to architecture and these are my roots when I create. However I try to add Brazilian flavor to projects I create with specific materials and colors.

On the other hand, as a designer in Mula Preta, I have more freedom to search for inspiration anywhere: daily objects (a basketball, a whistle, a surfboard) nature (dunes, cliffs, cactus) or artists and architects I admire.

Which modern artists do you follow?

I admire Donald Judd, Sol Le Witt and Frank Stella.

What inspired you when you designed Six Senses Residences Formosa Bay?

Functionality allied with beauty. Beauty is simplicity. I always try to look in that direction for inspiration. I also appreciate the efforts of Six Senses to create a connection between architecture and nature.

Who did you have in mind when designing the residences?

My points of reference were Le Corbusier, Barragan, Legorreta, Richard Meier and Tadao Ando.

Who inspires you in the arts, literature and music?

I am inspired by Anish Kapoor, Tarantino, Jorge Luiz Borges and Pink Floyd – just to mention one in each area.

Is there any city that you like returning to and why?

I like Paris, London and New York because of their vibrant cultural and gastronomical scene.

What inspires you most from Brazilian culture?

Definitely Samba, Bossa Nova, Niemeyer, Burle Marx, nature and the easy Brazilian way of life.

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