Armed with natural antioxidants

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Every day our skin, our largest organ, is bombarded with environmental assailants from exposure to smoke, pollution, ultraviolet radiation and stress. Happily, there is a powerful and natural way to arm against them.

Each cell sustains one thousand hits by free radicals generated by the body’s own metabolism. In the skin, free radicals trigger the release of inflammatory mediators, breaking down collagen and damaging the cell barrier. They can also contribute to the formation of cancerous cells.

Topical use of antioxidants complement nutritional defenses obtained from our diet, and in combination they improve the efficacy of each. What’s more, topical application can get antioxidants to the exact location needed.

This is why Margo Marrone, the founder of The Organic Pharmacy, incorporates antioxidants in skincare and in supplements and uses them as the cornerstone of natural anti-aging. The Organic Pharmacy’s essential four-step skincare system starts with cleansing.

  1. The Carrot Butter Cleanser contains antioxidants from carrot, calendula and St. John’s Wort, which infuses the skin and cleanses deeply, while exfoliating and removing make up, dirt and pollution.
  2. After cleansing thoroughly, the skin is spritzed with a Herbal Toner and other antioxidant-infused products designed to hydrate and firm the skin.
  3. The Antioxidant Duo Serum is designed to repair everyday damage and reduce inflammation.
  4. The Rose Plus Anti-aging Cream contains natural growth factors which are responsible for keeping cells young along with Kigelia (African-flowering plants) to firm the skin.

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