Alternative spring healing

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Visiting practitioners play an integral part in our wellness offering, and their talent and expertise benefit our guests and hosts alike. Through them you can achieve optimum health by incorporating ancient healing traditions and the latest innovations. You’ll find everything from Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic doctors, osteopaths and facialists, to spiritual healers and aura readers – whatever you need to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

Our visiting practitioners program brings together a selection of our popular and long-standing heroes, who have worked with Six Senses for many years, and some of our new discoveries whose exceptional reputation and client feedback have earned them a place on our list.

The Six Senses hall of fame includes Khun Noom, who will set you ‘free’ by re-balancing your body energy through Reiki and sound healing; and Khun Sommai whose passion for holistic therapies has earned him a loyal following of clients across many Six Senses resorts. His expertise includes the healing power of Tibetan singing bowls, chakra balancing with crystals, as well as Qi Gong and yoga.

Claude Simard’s psycho-energetic treatments will help you reconnect with your inner child so you can become more actively engaged in your life. His partner, Jill Banwell uses the tarot as a therapeutic tool to help you develop self-awareness and encourage your positive transformation. The tarot acts as a catalyst to speed up your internal processing and move ahead more smoothly on your path.

One of our new experts is Cesar Tejedor. His VibraHealing therapies release physical and emotional tensions and promote the free flow of energy throughout your body, bringing you into a state of profound relaxation and meditation. You’ll achieve total stress relief through a combination of Tibetan singing bowls, music therapy, massage and guided meditation.

After more than a decade of experience, Abdoulaye Fadiga has developed a bespoke and extremely efficient workout program. World-class athletes, top executives, busy mothers and supermodels use his method with enormous success – so what’s stopping you? His coaching sessions include general physical and mental preparation, interval training, circuit training, boxing lessons and many other techniques that will help you to learn how to reach a desired level of fitness and healthy way of life.

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