Aging is more than skin deep

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Neuroscientist and beauty expert Dr. Claudia Aguirre explains the concept behind Six Senses Holistic Anti-Aging Clinic, which is launching in May to address the factors that adversely impact skin health. Get ready to glow.

Before we start blaming grandmother for our premature crow’s feet, nature is only part of the picture. Our lifestyle is just as influential in shaping our face, and how well it ages. We asked Dr. Aguirre to clarify the science behind the premise.

Dr. Aguirre, is it really true we can control how we age?

“While it’s true that our genes contribute to how our skin ages, ‘lifestyle aging’ is overlooked. The good news is that it can be easily addressed with proper education. Our brain, skin and gut are all connected. This means that any lifestyle stressors, coupled with an improper diet, result in inflamed and unbalanced skin that ages prematurely.

“Stress is perceived as negative, but we need the stress response to interact with our environment. However, if we’re unable to cope with chronic stress in the long-term, it can damage our cells by causing inflammation in the brain. It can also lead people to eating high GI foods resulting in inflammation in the gut, which inevitably shows up on the skin.”

So how can we tip the balance back in our favor?

“Achieving balance in skincare is not a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all concept. You have to look at what each person eats and drinks, their stress levels and hormonal balance, and other parameters such as insulin resistance, gut and intestine imbalances, sleep quality and environmental effects.

“The starting point for each Holistic Anti-Aging Clinic program is a wellness screening, advanced skincare analysis and a consultation to analyze each guest’s individual lifestyle factors. The results allow Six Senses wellness experts to incorporate personalized nutrition, supplements, treatments, movement and mindfulness into their stay. By the end of their vacation, we want guests to look and feel younger from the inside out, and know how to keep their healthy glow as part of a homecare program.”

We’ve heard you use the term brain beauty. Can you tell us more?

“Yes, this is an important component of the Clinic that complements the inside-out beauty approach. It looks at the brain-skin connection through our perception of beauty and how we can become more confident in it. A vacation is a great opportunity to check in with your own happiness and how comfortable you are with yourself and your beauty. There’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to beauty, but what’s important is doing things that make you happy.

“That’s why, as well as focusing on the skin and complementary therapies, we also use meditation, breathing exercises, education, visualization and affirmation, as well as vibration and other biohacks. The Anti-Aging Clinic is holistic, encompassing everything from yoga for beauty to natural nootropics and even forest bathing.”

Dr. Aguirre will join forces with the Six Senses Spas team to introduce the Holistic Anti-Aging Clinic across selected spas from mid-2018. On top of her work with Six Senses, Dr. Aguirre is a TEDx speaker and regular TEDEd educator. Her consulting work in the health and wellness sector takes her all over the world.

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