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Our experts can help you gain smart insights into your inner health and how well you move, and then recommend a wellness program as part of a high-tech but always human-touch approach.

Take that extra step towards optimum well-being and gain valuable knowledge about your health at one of our spas. Our wellness experts use smart technology to measure your inner health and movement patterns. They also do what machines can’t (yet) do. They pay attention to any lifestyle or health concerns or goals to ensure that your treatments and activities are tailored to your specific needs. If you have more time on your hands, why not invest in a personalized program with nutritional advice to help you kick-start your journey?

What’s going on inside?

Our wellness screening provides the latest intel on what’s going on inside your body by measuring your key physiological biomarkers. It’s quick, it’s simple and it provides a springboard from which you can boost your metabolism, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels and even power up your brain.

What moves you?

Once we know what’s going on inside, we turn our attention to how efficiently you move. We take guesswork out of working out with a system that integrates sports science and cutting-edge technology, and helps our personal trainers look at your movement patterns and identify areas of strength and weakness. Afterwards, they design a workout plan that optimizes your training performance and reduces the risk of injury and ensures that your body is aligned.

Are you catching enough shut-eye?

If you want to wake up ready to move mountains, the first step is to learn about the quality of your sleep. Say hello to your new bedtime partner – the sleep tracker. It recognizes respiration and body movements and records how light, noise and temperature affect your sleep.

A whole-you program for a whole new you

The results from your screenings, together with discussions about your lifestyle, concerns and personal goals, enable our experts to recommend a multi-dimensional wellness program. This will typically combine spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities with advice on foods to favor or avoid during your stay.

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